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Amichai Cohen, Shibolet Dagan Founder, and president, shared his first-time solution to a problem he encountered. He worked at a big food factory in Israel, seeing smoke and fire, checking out what those guys were doing. Burning waste caught his attention, and they were about to take it to landfill. So, the idea immediately came up in his mind, “why don’t we process it and feed it to the cows?”. Since then, the business has grown and scaled to more than 85% of the dairy cows in Israel.

Owner & CEO Shibolet Dagan Israel, Co-Founder SDeCo China. With a Business Administration Degree, Adi has managed the family business of Recycling, and Livestock feeding since 1994, engaged in the local municipality affairs, a partner at JFrog, an Israeli Hi-Tech company, and Co-Partner at Tanaka, World patented health Bracelets.

Co-Founder SDeCo China & Environmental Entrepreneur. With a Master’s in Business Administration, Ilanit holds more than 25 years of experience in senior management roles, established new manufacturing facilities worldwide, a former CEO of Retail and Leisure centers, and vast experience in manufacturing and senior management in China.

Co-Founder SDeCo China. Nutritionists involved in research & Allflex leader of GHGs & enteric reduction in China. With MSc in Animal Science, BSc in Agriculture Science, Jose developed a brand to feed ruminant animals, recycle by-products in Israel, and livestock optimization models to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Core services

• Wastage removal and handling from food factories and Dairies
• Livestock high balanced nutritional, and scientifically designed livestock feed for farms and livestock food centers – Sogurt, Whey, Brewer’s spent grain, Citrus peels, Grape stems & spent, Corn stems & spent, and much more.

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